Recipe: White Wine Spritzer

It may be fall where you're at, but here in San Francisco we're still craving a crisp cold cocktail — and this one is delish! We crafted this sweet spritzer using the wine from Danielle's wedding.



  • Prepare the simple syrup by mixing lemon juice, 1 cup of water, and sugar in a large pot — then bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium-low and let simmer for 5 minutes.
  • Remove pot from heat, add 1 bunch of thyme and lemon zest, let steep for 15 minutes. While mixture is still hot, add a few more thyme sprigs, plus more sugar and lemon juice, if desired.
  • Once simple syrup is ready, fill the pitcher with ice, add 1/3 cup simple syrup and several slices of lemon and thyme sprigs to the pitcher. 
  • Fill the pitcher with wine and top off with ginger beer. 
  • Divide among glasses, then top off with more ginger beer. Add ice, if desired and garnish with thyme sprigs and a lemon slice.

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Put Your Shoes In Order with MADESQUARE Minis!

Our adorable mini photos are perfect for whipping your unruly closet into stylish shape! We collaborated with Alexandra Bigley of SF Shop Girl to get her awesome shoe collection under control — and lucky for you we're sharing all the details.


Download MADESQUARE app to order your shoefie snaps.

Place a glue dot to the back of each photo and adhere it to the front side of the shoe box.


The matching white boxes keep your closet looking super chic, while your stylish snaps make everything visible at a glance.

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”
— Marilyn Monroe

CALLING ALL LOVERS: How to Hang a Heart Cling!

See what shape our photo clings take in this fun, eye-catching DIY.

  Photography by  Ingrid Nelson

Photography by Ingrid Nelson

Do you love fun? Do you love photos? Good. This DIY's for you.

Our photo clings peel-and-stick to walls, windows, mirrors — pretty much any flat surface — making them perfect for quickly and easily transforming spaces from "meh" to "marvelous" in a matter of minutes!

Our photo cling heart really pops when anchored by a color theme — in our case, black and whites — but don't stop there! Sepia tones and unified splashes of color would also be cool — bright, beach vacay photos, anyone?! Overall, the only requirement for photo selection is that they give you a good case of the warm fuzzies. Check out some of Molli’s:




1. Give the wall you're using a good wipe down with a damp paper towel or washcloth, then make sure the surface is completely dry. 

2. Download our MADESQUARE photo cling heart template, and use it as a guide to lay out your photo clings in the shape of the heart on the floor. 

3. Measure the wall before you start sticking on your clings. The heart cling measures 35 inches x 35 inches, which includes the clings and 1 inch of space between each photo. We wanted our heart to lay at eye level, so we marked the base about 2 feet above our chair. Wherever you make your base, use a yardstick to measure and mark the middle of the heart (17.5 inches from the base), the top (35 inches), and the edge of both sides of the heart (0 on the lefthand side, and 35 inches across to the righthand side).

4. Now you’re ready to hang your clings — we’re going to start from the middle of the heart and work our way out. Grab your yardstick and using it as a level, hold it horizontally against the wall underneath the middle mark. Since the photos are 1 inch apart, measure half an inch on both sides of the middle, and mark those spots with a pencil. This is where you'll apply your first two clings.

5. Next, grab one of your clings and un-peel it from a bottom corner. Stick that corner on one of the marks you just made on either side of the middle. Use a squeegee tool, a credit card, or your hands to smoothly apply the cling. Apply the second cling on the other side of the middle, using the same method.

  Photography by  Ingrid Nelson , gif by  Danielle Moore

Photography by Ingrid Nelson, gif by Danielle Moore

6. Now, using our template as a guide, fill in the 2nd and 3rd rows — measuring photos 1 inch apart from side-to-side. You can also just use the yardstick to measure the width — it's about an inch, give or take. That's what we did ;)

7. After you apply the 2nd and 3rd rows of the heart, you can apply the 1st and 4th rows, making sure to measure  3 inches inward on both sides to mark where you'll apply the first clings. Follow the same pattern of measuring an inch between each photo (or, like us, just use a yardstick to gauge the width!).

8. Finally, apply the 5th and 6th rows. Voila! You're a photo cling design rock star. 

  Photography by  Ingrid Nelson

Photography by Ingrid Nelson

The photo cling heart is a serious statement-maker — but this is just a starting point. Are shapes, letters, numbers or massive collages more your thing? That's cool with us. The sky's the limit when it comes to photo cling designs and we can't wait to create with you!

What shape will your photo clings take? Let us know on Pinterest, InstagramFacebook and Twitter with the hashtag #MADESQUARE!

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Stir It Up with Photo Strips!

Get creative with your cocktails by creating customized stir sticks for your party peeps!



  • Download the MADESQUARE app and order your photo strips (NOW!)
  • Lightly spread the glue on the back of your photo strip and gently press it to the foam board
  • Cut around the edge of each photo, they should measure 1.5 x 1.5 inches when finished
  • Wrap your washi tape around the outer edge of the foam board
  • Press your wooden skewers into the bottom edge
  • Once you know the size of your cocktail glass — trim them to fit


  • Place washi tape along the top edge of a square kraft note card
  • Cut along the bottom edge of the tape
  • Fold each flag in half
  • Run a glue stick from one end of the flag to the middle, place the skewers in the center and close the flag.
  • Cut a triangle into each flag end
  • Write or stamp your guests' names, cheers, or other party phrases on each flag
  • Once you know the size of your cocktail glass — trim them to fit


  • Cut a one to three inch piece of tinsel
  • Apply a small dot of hot glue on the end of each wooden skewer
  • Wrap the tinsel around it
  • Secure with an additional dot of glue
  • Once you know the size of your cocktail glass — trim them to fit

Get Bubbly!

This little bubbly DIY is the most adorable party favor! We created ours with a delish grapefruit mint fizz recipe and guess what?! We love to share — get all our recipe deets here!



  • Take a sip and snap a photo of your fave champagne cocktail or use ours!
  • Save your image to your iPhone library
  • Download the MADESQUARE app & order your recipe cards


  • Handwrite your recipe onto the card and sign it (with love)


  • Tie the baker's twine and recipe card to a mini bottle of Chandon champagne — isn't it amazing how many baker's twine colors you can find on Etsy?!


  • After all, champagne is always the answer!

POP! Fizz... (Clip) CLINK Sign!

Classic literature isn't just for reading anymore — we're using this one for its cover! Clip a photo or our sweet signage to your favorite fiction! Doesn't it mix well with our champagne favors?!


We have always loved Style Me Pretty as a place to go for wedding inspiration — turns out they create some delicious cocktails too!


Grapefruit Mint Fizz Drink Recipe

Makes 1 Glass (featured champagne glasses from BHLDN & colorful decorations by Oh Joy for Target)


1 Sugar Cube
1 Dash Angostura bitters
1 oz Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Juice
1 oz Champagne
Tonic Water — Jill would leave out the tonic water and just add more bubbles!
Mint Sprigs to Garnish


  • Drop one sugar cube in the bottom of the glass.
  • Add a dash of bitters.
  • Pour in the champagne and grapefruit juice.
  • Top it off with Tonic Water.
  • Garnish with mint and sip away.

Take a sip then snap a photo or download ours and order some MADESQUARE recipe cards today!

WE <3 YOU — MADESQUARE Heart Garland DIY!

The perfect party piece — our Heart Garland DIY will make ya swoon.

  Photography by&nbsp; Ingrid Nelson Photography by&nbsp; Ingrid Nelson

Photography by Ingrid NelsonPhotography by Ingrid Nelson



  • Glue 
  • Glitter (GO CRAY!)


  • Measure it. Pick the perfect place to showcase your garland and measure the distance with your tape measure. You want the length of your ribbon to be longer than the distance of your space. This will allow for some wiggle room when bunting your garland. Note, our sequence of hearts (small, medium, large, followed by a photo) measured 9” inches long making for 1” inch between each heart. Our garland measured 7.5’ long.
  • Prep it. In a well ventilated workspace, spread your newspaper out to make sure you catch any paint. Grab your wood hearts and tacks and lay them out onto the newspaper. 
  • Paint ‘em. With your latex gloves on, grab your spray paint, and start spraying. You want to make sure that you hold the spray paint a good distance from the hearts — get too close and the force of the spray paint will cause them to flip over! Once they're painted, let them dry completely, flip them over, and repeat on the other side. Note, you may have to do two coats to make sure that the hearts are covered completely and look polished. While the hearts are drying start heating your hot glue gun. Make sure that you place something underneath it to protect the surface area like aluminum foil.
  • Punch ‘em. With your heart hole punch and MADESQUARE product start turning your photos into heart shapes. Helpful tips, flip your puncher so that the heart die cut is facing up. This will help you align your photos perfectly to where you want to cut into your photos. 
  • Glue ‘em. Now it’s time to start assembling the garland! Place a small amount of glue on the back of one of the small hearts and place the heart a few inches in from the start of your ribbon make sure to press firmly. Next, measure one inch and repeat with a medium heart, then follow the same pattern with a large heart and photo heart until you reach the end of your ribbon. Make sure you leave some room at the end for hanging. 
  • Show ‘em off. Using the tacks, it now time to hang your garland! Obsessed much?!
  Photography by&nbsp; Ingrid Nelson

Photography by Ingrid Nelson

#DressUpYourDesk with Angela Tafoya, Day 3: Gettin' Graphic with Metal!

Shelves add instant organization — AND BONUS — they're the perfect spot for a well placed statement piece!


At MADESQUARE, photos obviously have our heart, but we like to switch things up — ya know, walk on the wild side from time-to-time.

When we were brainstorming Angela's new #DressUpYourDesk motif, she mentioned she loved patterns, and we wanted to uniquely weave that into her space. We got to thinkin': since we were working with black and whites, how rad would it look to print a pattern on one of our metal prints?!


Using some inspiration from one of her Instagram photos, we created a custom design for Angela, and had it printed on a 20x20 metal. It definitely became a focal point for the entire space, and will certainly draw, "Where did you get that?!" questions from all her friends.

The best part of this printed awesomeness?! We're giving it to you, too — for free! Cha-ching! Download our pattern here, save it to your camera roll and order away! 

#DressUpYourDesk with Angela Tafoya Day 2: HANG, STICK, CLIP!

Photos as the room showstoppers?! Yes, please! With just a few supplies, we show you how. 



We're kind of obsessed with wire hanging systems, for a few reasons:

  • They're super reasonably priced
  • Way easy to hang
  • They make your photos look awesome

For Angela's #DressUpYourDesk makeover, we used this one from Ikea, but this one from Amazon would work, too! Simply find a place above your desk that needs a little love, and put up the hanging system. Grab a collection of your favorite photos, and get to hangin'! Looks exceptionally well when you play around with different photo sizes and textures, and then bring it all together with a similar color story  — for example, all black and white photos, sepia toned photos or similar pops of color. 



There's nothing tricky with sticky in this situation! In fact, this idea is so super simple, it can work in any #DressUpYourDesk scenario! Here's what ya do:

  • Pick up some cute, patterned Washi tape. You can easily order it from Amazonpick it up from Office Depot, or grab some on Etsy!
  • Get a selection of your favorite photos, and go to Taping Town! You don't need to totally over-do it — a few perfectly placed strips will do the trick. 
  • For added variation, mix in a few photos printed on our MADESQUARE wall clings! Literally peel-and-stick those babies to the wall and you're good to go! 


Clipboards aren't just for the classroom, y'all. In our workspace makeover, clipboards become the frame for your awesome life moments!

PRO TIP: to add even more personality and dimension, clip an additional knick knack or item to the board. For Angela's room, we added a feather — but this could easily be concert tickets, a sticker, a sweet note from a friend or significant other. The trick is to play with textures, shapes all while making it meaningful!

Lookin' for an awesome clipboard? We've got ya covered: try thisthis or a few mini ones like this!

Stay tuned for tomorrow because we're showing you how to turn one of our metal prints into an awesome, patterned statement piece AND we have a special surprise for ya! Yay! 


#DressUpYourDesk with Angela Tafoya, Day 1: It's All in the Details!

Your work space should be like your life — uniquely yours and unbelievably awesome! We're showin' you how to get started with our Monthly Calendar, spray painted Ball Jars and in-season blooms!

For Angela's #DressUpYourDesk transformation, it was all about keeping her energized and organized, all while maintaining her personal style. Angela's original space centered around an inspiration board, which we love — but it was time for a #DressUpYourDesk makeover that brought her desired vibe of a "colorful, quirky, yet organized" space into reality!

To begin, we took down Angela's wall and started from scratch! Next up: we added key details that instantly showcase her personality and greatest memories. Let's get started!



  • MADESQUARE Monthly Calendar
  • Ball Jars — we used 1 pint jar and 1 half gallon jar, but feel free to pick sizes that work for your space
  • Spray paint — we used a matte black
  • Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating — we used a matte finish
  • In-season, beautiful flowers — we used Dahlias
  • Personal, meaningful knicks knack (s)
  • Newspaper
  • Latex gloves


Ball Jars

1. Prep. In a well ventilated workspace, spread your newspaper out to make sure you catch any paint. Grab your mason jars and make sure they're clean, dry and empty. Place them lip side down onto the newspaper. 

2. Paint ‘em. With your latex gloves on, grab your spray paint, and get to sprayin'! PRO TIP: hold the spray paint a good distance from jars, and spray from top to bottom to make sure they're covered evenly. Let them dry completely and repeat if you're feelin' they need an extra coat. Finally, stand the jars up right and paint the mouth of the mason jar to achieve a seamless look. Set aside and let those puppies dry! 

3. Protect ‘em. After you've achieved your desired look, given 'em a final spray with Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating — this helps prevent scratches on your jars. Let dry completely before filling with water and flowers. 

  Photography by&nbsp;   Maria del Rio

Photography by Maria del Rio

4. Fill ‘em. Fresh, in-season flowers are one of the best ways to showcase your personality and give you room to switch it up! Angela is beautiful and fun, so Dahlias were the perfect fit. If you're in San Francisco and need some quick inspiration, we're obsessed with BLOOM THAT, and here is a helpful summer guide to make sure you're in-bloom AND in-season, no matter where you're living in the good ol' U. S. of A.

  • East — Asiatic lily, black-eyed Susan, cosmos, delphinium, larkspur, pee gee hydrangea, rose, sunflower, zinnia
  • Midwest — Clematis, cosmos, cockscomb, daisy, garden roses, hydrangea, rudbeckia, sunflower, viburnum, zinnia
  • West — Begonia, delphinium, gardenia, hydrangea, pansy, poppy, rose, violet
  • South — Aster, cosmos pee gee hydrangea, plumbago, rose, rosemary, sunflower, zinnia

MADESQUARE Monthly Calendar

With 12 cards nestled in a handcrafted, reclaimed oak base, classic craftsmanship marries contemporary whimsy in our monthly calendar. For Angela's space, this meant the opportunity to highlight new engagement (!!!), travel and fashion photos — as well as a snap with THE #GIRLBOSS herself — Sophia Amoruso! Talk about inspiration.

Get to Quirk! a.k.a. Highlight A Fave Personal Knick Knack

It was time to bring this desk detail trifecta to completion, and after scouring Angela's space, we found the perfect life trinket — a super cute, porcelain bulldog coin jar. Cha-Ching! #DONEANDDONE

For your own space, this could be any item you've acquired over the years — a coveted keepsake you picked up on your worldly travels or a favorite flea market find —  whatever it is, keep it fun! Bonus points if there's a story. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's #DressUpYourDesk DIY — hint: it's all about photos not just 1not just 2, but 3 WAYS! So simple, so rad — DO NOT MISS IT! 

Introducing #DressUpYourDesk with MADESQUARE!

From the career driven diva to the stay-at-home mom to a combination of the two, women today are badasses — we're creating our own versions of having it all. 

No matter our work and life scenario, we often find ourselves clocking endless hours at a desk. Whether we're working from home or in an office, our desks should reflect how rad our lives are, and make us feel more inspired and productive in the process!

Get ready, ladies — it's time to #DressUpYourDesk and we're showin' you how with #LadiesWeLove from coast-to-coast. First up, Angela Tafoya, San Francisco's editor at Refinery29! Stay tuned this week to get the Behind The Scenes & DIYs for Angela's #DressUpYourDesk transformation!


  Photography by Angela Tafoya

Photography by Angela Tafoya


  Photography by&nbsp; Maria del Rio

Photography by Maria del Rio

  Photography by&nbsp;   Maria del Rio

Photography by Maria del Rio

  Photography by&nbsp;   Maria del Rio

Photography by Maria del Rio

  Photography by&nbsp;   Maria del Rio

Photography by Maria del Rio

  Photography by&nbsp;   Maria del Rio

Photography by Maria del Rio