CALLING ALL LOVERS: How to Hang a Heart Cling!

See what shape our photo clings take in this fun, eye-catching DIY.

  Photography by  Ingrid Nelson

Photography by Ingrid Nelson

Do you love fun? Do you love photos? Good. This DIY's for you.

Our photo clings peel-and-stick to walls, windows, mirrors — pretty much any flat surface — making them perfect for quickly and easily transforming spaces from "meh" to "marvelous" in a matter of minutes!

Our photo cling heart really pops when anchored by a color theme — in our case, black and whites — but don't stop there! Sepia tones and unified splashes of color would also be cool — bright, beach vacay photos, anyone?! Overall, the only requirement for photo selection is that they give you a good case of the warm fuzzies. Check out some of Molli’s:




1. Give the wall you're using a good wipe down with a damp paper towel or washcloth, then make sure the surface is completely dry. 

2. Download our MADESQUARE photo cling heart template, and use it as a guide to lay out your photo clings in the shape of the heart on the floor. 

3. Measure the wall before you start sticking on your clings. The heart cling measures 35 inches x 35 inches, which includes the clings and 1 inch of space between each photo. We wanted our heart to lay at eye level, so we marked the base about 2 feet above our chair. Wherever you make your base, use a yardstick to measure and mark the middle of the heart (17.5 inches from the base), the top (35 inches), and the edge of both sides of the heart (0 on the lefthand side, and 35 inches across to the righthand side).

4. Now you’re ready to hang your clings — we’re going to start from the middle of the heart and work our way out. Grab your yardstick and using it as a level, hold it horizontally against the wall underneath the middle mark. Since the photos are 1 inch apart, measure half an inch on both sides of the middle, and mark those spots with a pencil. This is where you'll apply your first two clings.

5. Next, grab one of your clings and un-peel it from a bottom corner. Stick that corner on one of the marks you just made on either side of the middle. Use a squeegee tool, a credit card, or your hands to smoothly apply the cling. Apply the second cling on the other side of the middle, using the same method.

  Photography by  Ingrid Nelson , gif by  Danielle Moore

Photography by Ingrid Nelson, gif by Danielle Moore

6. Now, using our template as a guide, fill in the 2nd and 3rd rows — measuring photos 1 inch apart from side-to-side. You can also just use the yardstick to measure the width — it's about an inch, give or take. That's what we did ;)

7. After you apply the 2nd and 3rd rows of the heart, you can apply the 1st and 4th rows, making sure to measure  3 inches inward on both sides to mark where you'll apply the first clings. Follow the same pattern of measuring an inch between each photo (or, like us, just use a yardstick to gauge the width!).

8. Finally, apply the 5th and 6th rows. Voila! You're a photo cling design rock star. 

  Photography by  Ingrid Nelson

Photography by Ingrid Nelson

The photo cling heart is a serious statement-maker — but this is just a starting point. Are shapes, letters, numbers or massive collages more your thing? That's cool with us. The sky's the limit when it comes to photo cling designs and we can't wait to create with you!

What shape will your photo clings take? Let us know on Pinterest, InstagramFacebook and Twitter with the hashtag #MADESQUARE!

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