#DressUpYourDesk with Angela Tafoya, Day 1: It's All in the Details!

Your work space should be like your life — uniquely yours and unbelievably awesome! We're showin' you how to get started with our Monthly Calendar, spray painted Ball Jars and in-season blooms!

For Angela's #DressUpYourDesk transformation, it was all about keeping her energized and organized, all while maintaining her personal style. Angela's original space centered around an inspiration board, which we love — but it was time for a #DressUpYourDesk makeover that brought her desired vibe of a "colorful, quirky, yet organized" space into reality!

To begin, we took down Angela's wall and started from scratch! Next up: we added key details that instantly showcase her personality and greatest memories. Let's get started!



  • MADESQUARE Monthly Calendar
  • Ball Jars — we used 1 pint jar and 1 half gallon jar, but feel free to pick sizes that work for your space
  • Spray paint — we used a matte black
  • Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating — we used a matte finish
  • In-season, beautiful flowers — we used Dahlias
  • Personal, meaningful knicks knack (s)
  • Newspaper
  • Latex gloves


Ball Jars

1. Prep. In a well ventilated workspace, spread your newspaper out to make sure you catch any paint. Grab your mason jars and make sure they're clean, dry and empty. Place them lip side down onto the newspaper. 

2. Paint ‘em. With your latex gloves on, grab your spray paint, and get to sprayin'! PRO TIP: hold the spray paint a good distance from jars, and spray from top to bottom to make sure they're covered evenly. Let them dry completely and repeat if you're feelin' they need an extra coat. Finally, stand the jars up right and paint the mouth of the mason jar to achieve a seamless look. Set aside and let those puppies dry! 

3. Protect ‘em. After you've achieved your desired look, given 'em a final spray with Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating — this helps prevent scratches on your jars. Let dry completely before filling with water and flowers. 

  Photography by    Maria del Rio

Photography by Maria del Rio

4. Fill ‘em. Fresh, in-season flowers are one of the best ways to showcase your personality and give you room to switch it up! Angela is beautiful and fun, so Dahlias were the perfect fit. If you're in San Francisco and need some quick inspiration, we're obsessed with BLOOM THAT, and here is a helpful summer guide to make sure you're in-bloom AND in-season, no matter where you're living in the good ol' U. S. of A.

  • East — Asiatic lily, black-eyed Susan, cosmos, delphinium, larkspur, pee gee hydrangea, rose, sunflower, zinnia
  • Midwest — Clematis, cosmos, cockscomb, daisy, garden roses, hydrangea, rudbeckia, sunflower, viburnum, zinnia
  • West — Begonia, delphinium, gardenia, hydrangea, pansy, poppy, rose, violet
  • South — Aster, cosmos pee gee hydrangea, plumbago, rose, rosemary, sunflower, zinnia

MADESQUARE Monthly Calendar

With 12 cards nestled in a handcrafted, reclaimed oak base, classic craftsmanship marries contemporary whimsy in our monthly calendar. For Angela's space, this meant the opportunity to highlight new engagement (!!!), travel and fashion photos — as well as a snap with THE #GIRLBOSS herself — Sophia Amoruso! Talk about inspiration.

Get to Quirk! a.k.a. Highlight A Fave Personal Knick Knack

It was time to bring this desk detail trifecta to completion, and after scouring Angela's space, we found the perfect life trinket — a super cute, porcelain bulldog coin jar. Cha-Ching! #DONEANDDONE

For your own space, this could be any item you've acquired over the years — a coveted keepsake you picked up on your worldly travels or a favorite flea market find —  whatever it is, keep it fun! Bonus points if there's a story. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's #DressUpYourDesk DIY — hint: it's all about photos not just 1not just 2, but 3 WAYS! So simple, so rad — DO NOT MISS IT!