#DressUpYourDesk with Angela Tafoya Day 2: HANG, STICK, CLIP!

Photos as the room showstoppers?! Yes, please! With just a few supplies, we show you how. 



We're kind of obsessed with wire hanging systems, for a few reasons:

  • They're super reasonably priced
  • Way easy to hang
  • They make your photos look awesome

For Angela's #DressUpYourDesk makeover, we used this one from Ikea, but this one from Amazon would work, too! Simply find a place above your desk that needs a little love, and put up the hanging system. Grab a collection of your favorite photos, and get to hangin'! Looks exceptionally well when you play around with different photo sizes and textures, and then bring it all together with a similar color story  — for example, all black and white photos, sepia toned photos or similar pops of color. 



There's nothing tricky with sticky in this situation! In fact, this idea is so super simple, it can work in any #DressUpYourDesk scenario! Here's what ya do:

  • Pick up some cute, patterned Washi tape. You can easily order it from Amazonpick it up from Office Depot, or grab some on Etsy!
  • Get a selection of your favorite photos, and go to Taping Town! You don't need to totally over-do it — a few perfectly placed strips will do the trick. 
  • For added variation, mix in a few photos printed on our MADESQUARE wall clings! Literally peel-and-stick those babies to the wall and you're good to go! 


Clipboards aren't just for the classroom, y'all. In our workspace makeover, clipboards become the frame for your awesome life moments!

PRO TIP: to add even more personality and dimension, clip an additional knick knack or item to the board. For Angela's room, we added a feather — but this could easily be concert tickets, a sticker, a sweet note from a friend or significant other. The trick is to play with textures, shapes all while making it meaningful!

Lookin' for an awesome clipboard? We've got ya covered: try thisthis or a few mini ones like this!

Stay tuned for tomorrow because we're showing you how to turn one of our metal prints into an awesome, patterned statement piece AND we have a special surprise for ya! Yay!