#DressUpYourDesk with Angela Tafoya, Day 3: Gettin' Graphic with Metal!

Shelves add instant organization — AND BONUS — they're the perfect spot for a well placed statement piece!


At MADESQUARE, photos obviously have our heart, but we like to switch things up — ya know, walk on the wild side from time-to-time.

When we were brainstorming Angela's new #DressUpYourDesk motif, she mentioned she loved patterns, and we wanted to uniquely weave that into her space. We got to thinkin': since we were working with black and whites, how rad would it look to print a pattern on one of our metal prints?!


Using some inspiration from one of her Instagram photos, we created a custom design for Angela, and had it printed on a 20x20 metal. It definitely became a focal point for the entire space, and will certainly draw, "Where did you get that?!" questions from all her friends.

The best part of this printed awesomeness?! We're giving it to you, too — for free! Cha-ching! Download our pattern here, save it to your camera roll and order away!