WE <3 YOU — MADESQUARE Heart Garland DIY!

The perfect party piece — our Heart Garland DIY will make ya swoon.

  Photography by&nbsp; Ingrid Nelson Photography by&nbsp; Ingrid Nelson

Photography by Ingrid NelsonPhotography by Ingrid Nelson



  • Glue 
  • Glitter (GO CRAY!)


  • Measure it. Pick the perfect place to showcase your garland and measure the distance with your tape measure. You want the length of your ribbon to be longer than the distance of your space. This will allow for some wiggle room when bunting your garland. Note, our sequence of hearts (small, medium, large, followed by a photo) measured 9” inches long making for 1” inch between each heart. Our garland measured 7.5’ long.
  • Prep it. In a well ventilated workspace, spread your newspaper out to make sure you catch any paint. Grab your wood hearts and tacks and lay them out onto the newspaper. 
  • Paint ‘em. With your latex gloves on, grab your spray paint, and start spraying. You want to make sure that you hold the spray paint a good distance from the hearts — get too close and the force of the spray paint will cause them to flip over! Once they're painted, let them dry completely, flip them over, and repeat on the other side. Note, you may have to do two coats to make sure that the hearts are covered completely and look polished. While the hearts are drying start heating your hot glue gun. Make sure that you place something underneath it to protect the surface area like aluminum foil.
  • Punch ‘em. With your heart hole punch and MADESQUARE product start turning your photos into heart shapes. Helpful tips, flip your puncher so that the heart die cut is facing up. This will help you align your photos perfectly to where you want to cut into your photos. 
  • Glue ‘em. Now it’s time to start assembling the garland! Place a small amount of glue on the back of one of the small hearts and place the heart a few inches in from the start of your ribbon make sure to press firmly. Next, measure one inch and repeat with a medium heart, then follow the same pattern with a large heart and photo heart until you reach the end of your ribbon. Make sure you leave some room at the end for hanging. 
  • Show ‘em off. Using the tacks, it now time to hang your garland! Obsessed much?!
  Photography by&nbsp; Ingrid Nelson

Photography by Ingrid Nelson